Volkswagen of America |  

Battery Testing Facility

Chattanooga, TN

Construction Management – Industrial

Scheduled Completion
Spring 2022

Scope of Work

  • 34,000 square feet.
  • First of three phases.
  • The Battery Testing Facility is an engineering laboratory Volkswagen will use to test durability and effectiveness of the batteries that are being installed in the electrical vehicles built at the nearby automotive plant.
  • Built in accordance with LEED platinum standards.
  • JAF is the construction manager on this project. Our management team is helping not only with monitoring construction, but also with aiding the VW engineering department with the bid process, proposals, document creation and management and budget.
  • The building is to be a steel structure on concrete foundations and floor, with insulated metal panel walls.
  • Will also include solar panels on the roof and a rainwater harvesting system for sanitary fixtures.