Corporate Environmental Responsibility

For more than 25 years, J.A. Fielden has taken environmental responsibility seriously.

Our primary goal is to control soil and pollutants that originate on the site and prevent them from flowing to surface waters. We do this with full awareness of federal, state and local environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, permits and other requirements applicable to large construction projects. Areas of focus include prevention, abatement and elimination of pollution and/or protection of the environment, including storm water, wetlands protection and asbestos abatement.

J.A. Fielden has a complete Storm Water Compliance Team that monitors all projects during the construction phase.

Each Compliance Director, Project Manager and Superintendent has been certified by CPSEC, Inc. under the Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control Program (approved by Federal EPA) and receives at least six hours of classroom training and written exams annually.

Our Storm Water Compliance Director is familiar with all permits, laws, regulations and documentation that are required through the state including Threatened and Endangered Species and Historic Properties.

J.A. Fielden begins dealing with these issues before construction even begins. We require a meeting to be held with the Site Contractor, Superintendent and CEC to ensure the proper installation of BMP’s, getting all applicable permits and updated erosion control drawings prior to initiation of ground-disturbing activities.

Environmental work continues throughout the project. While we work hard to avoid it, should any accidental spill occur, immediate action will be taken to contain and remove the spilled material. All hazardous materials will be disposed of in the manner specified by local, state and federal regulations and by the manufacturers of such products. Any spills of hazardous materials in quantities in excess of Reportable Quantities as defined by EPA or the state regulations shall be immediately reported to the proper authorities.


At J.A. Fielden, jobsite safety is our number one priority. Our Safety Team proactively works with each Project Team to develop a jobsite-specific safety plan to provide a safe workplace for our employees, subcontractors, vendors and visitors.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that employees and crews understand and follow all state and federal safety regulations. This is accomplished by providing regularly updated training, including First Aid and CPR, for all J.A. Fielden employees as well as participation in the Drug-Free Workplace Program. Weekly Safety Meetings are held on each jobsite with all J.A. Fielden employees and crew foreman. Our Project Teams also complete a weekly safety inspection on each jobsite. Random, unannounced safety inspections are also conducted by our Safety & Compliance Director.

Our goal is simple: Everyone goes home each day injury-free.